Additive Manufacturing 4.0 as a Service

300.000 printed parts in years

Serial 3D printing service buro

Bombyx Prod mixes 3D printing together with Industrial IOT to invent the 3D Printer 4.0 and make possible to manufacture many parts simultaneously on a single machine.

Our serial production service is extremely flexible, fast& cheap compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

Make from tens to thousands parts with FDM 3D printing


The best of FDM 3D printing with a connected multi-head machine resizable to the production.

Low cost

Reasonable and controlled costs from the first piece you produce.


Delivered on time with lots of parts simultaneously printed.

How it works ?

1. Upload your 3D model

Contact us or upload your 3D model via our website and choose the material and desired quantity.

2. Validate your quote

You'll get your quote within 24H. After your validation we start the production.

3. We work

Our know-how is at your service for a high quality production.

4. You enjoy

Customers satisfaction is our guideline.

Our Services

3D Printing

We print your 3D objects in the quantity you need and with high quality.


You have a project and need help to achieve it, we are here to guide you.

Learn more

3D Modeling

We can work on your 3D models and optimize them for 3D Printing. Contact us for more information.

Industry 4.0: Flexibility and quality for serial production with our connected IIOT Multi-Heads 3D printers

3D printing naturally fits your production needs on our connected 3D printers, from tens to thousands parts. The variety of materials, scaling parts, printing articulated parts offer a lot of new possibilities.

Complex and scalable objects

You can print complex parts, articulated or (often) evolving models without additional production charges.

Suited material

Standard materials, strong, flexible or design, choose the best one that fits the function of the object.

Different scales

Scaling is no longer an issue.

Batch manufacturing

Our custom designed machines allow us to print many parts in a short time.

Who are our customers ?

Our customers are professionnals who use digital manufacturing to get a competitive and financial advantage. They are companies who look for small and medium batch production, difficult to do for a reasonable cost with traditional manufacturing.


3D Printing changes your way of work and offers lots of new possibilities.

Low and controlled costs

Manufacturing cost is fixed and affordable right from the first part.

Optimized stocks

Spread your production over the year.


Product scalability doesn't generate new production charge.