There is almost always a material that fits the function of the object.

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Biobased corn starch, and biodegradable, this material fits a wide panel of applications, with few mechanical constraints. It nicely suits the manufacturing of figurines, logos and goodies, or for shapes validation purposes with a great level of details.

Standard PLA

Most common applications.

Carbon PLA

Carbon-Fiber reinforced PLA, the rigidity is enhanced.

PLA High Impact

Strong mechanical properties.
Bombyx Prod
Bombyx Prod


With a heat deflection at 80°C, the PETG is great for functional parts requiring impact and mechanical resistance. The filament is a slightlytransparent.

Standard PETG

Good impact resistance, can support temperatures up to 80°C


Electrostatic discharge, it is perfect for electronics applications.

Carbon PETG

Enhanced rigidity and impact resistant.


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Flexible TPU . ESD TPU

Stretching out up to 300% until rupture and a minimum hardness of 95 Shore A, this filament is used to print flexible or shape memory parts. It is perfect for object protection (drones motors, helmets), grippers or wheels.