200.000 printed parts in 18 months

Project examples

With our current machines, according to the size of the objects we manufacture for you, we can print up to 20 parts simultaneously with a single 3D printer. The amount of connected heads is only limited by the size of the machine.

One shot need: 1000 electronic cases

You need 1000 electronic cases of 120 x 80 x 30mm for a special release ?

With a single machine, Bombyx Prod manufactures 50 parts a day. Your production is done within a month for a highly competitive price.

Recurrent project : 4000 parts per month this year

Industry 4.0 oriented, you use digital manufacturing to make 4000 clothes lining a month.

Bombyx Prod can appoint dedicated production machines to ensure service continuity for your industry.

Industry 4.0 : Connected 3D Printers, adjustable and highly efficient for serial production.

Bombyx Prod designed and builds its own 3D printer for serial production. We master all details of our stock, from building costs to maintenance. The result are a high quality and flexibility.

Industrial 3D Printer

On 1 or 2 rails with 1 to 10 heads per rail, we adapt the 3D printer to the current production requirements.

For your specific needs, we can build shortly a new printer with optimized dimensions for your project.

Bombyx Prod

IIOT Connected printing heads

We use the connected objects technologies for our printing heads. Adding together elementary components make the printer powerful and efficient.