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Our job is batch manufacturing with FDM 3D Printing

3D Printing naturally fits your production needs, from tens to thousands parts. The FDM 3D Printing technologies we designed for our trade garantee the best rate

Quality / Cost / Schedule

Batch 3D printing

We print your 3D objects in the quantity you need and with high quality and short time.

Properties of the materials we use offer a wide range of applications, from decorative object, goodies, up to functional objects.

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You have a project and need help to achieve it? We guide you to choose the best technical solution.

Rely on our technical expertize to achieve your innovative projects, taking advantage of new possibilities offered by digital manufacturing.

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3D Modeling

Even if 3D printing is much less constraining than traditional manufacturing, it still requires a couple of simple rules.

We can work on your 3D models and optimize them to 3D printing. Contact us to talk about it.

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Who are our customers ?

Our customers are professionnals who use digital manufacturing to get a competitive and financial advantage. They are companies who look for small and medium batch production, difficult to do for a reasonable cost with traditional manufacturing.


3D Printing changes your way of work and offers lots of new possibilities.

Low and controlled costs

Manufacturing cost is fixed and affordable right from the first part.

Optimized stocks

Spread your production over the year.


Product scalability doesn't generate new production charge.