Bombyx is a global leader in 3D printing for serial production.

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Project customization

Highly skilled team

Machines 4.0 up to 20 printheads

3D serial production

With efficient tailored machines.

Thousands of printed parts are delivered every week.
Each printer can produce up to 20 parts simultaneously.

Production machine




Bombyx Prod 3D Printer

We provide high-quality FDM 3D prints
and project controls to meet your needs. Request a quote

Our service offers

Our expertise is serial production using FDM 3D printing


Project Analysis

We listen to your needs, study the feasibility and the planning with you. We propose you a quote.

Tests & validation

Prototype development for validation.

Production Launch

Running Bombyx 3D printers for scheduled deliveries.

Quality control

We ensure quality objectives are achieved before delivery.

Printed parts
Customer loyalty
Connected printheads

Thank you to our customers


Materials choices

We accompany you to select high-performance materials according to your constraints.

Technical constraints

- Rigidity / Flexibility
- Toughness
- Heat resistance
- Electronic protection
- Screwing / Tightening

Economic constraints

- Printability
- Material cost

Environmental constraints

- Materials of circular economy
- Recycled materials
- Recyclable printed parts

Bombyx Prod

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Tel: +33 (0)2 44 84 40 90

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Do you know the Bombyx Mori is the silkworm moth? The silkworm "extrudes" the silk fibre of excellent quality and in large quantities.