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Case study: Secure Systems & Services

Secure Systems & Services is a subsidiary of VINCI Energies Group, an expert in property protection and technological security solutions.


The project

Our client looked for a supplier able to industrialize the manufacturing process of the building access control boxes, namely the printing service of 1000 electronic boxes.

The box including two parts, lid and base (130 x 130 x 65mm), accommodates electronics, wiring and user interaction components (LED and buttons).


  • A very short deadline to follow up the assembly with another subcontractor.
  • A reduced budget
  • A quality requirement :
    • Dimensional accuracy for the assembly of boxes and electronic components.
    • Flawless aspect of the front face, user interface.


After quotation and demonstration of Bombyx Prod's performance on validation parts:

  • Exchanges with the customer to improve 3D models in order to:
    • Optimize quality of serial print;
    • Optimize printing speed;
    • Achieve a cost down
  • Production launch
  • Deliveries according to the planned deadline.

Customer Testimonial

We prototyped a box to place our electronic cards of access control and we were looking for a supplier able to industrialize the manufacturing process of the boxes with a low cost target. The company Bombyx Prod met all of our specific needs.
We especially appreciated:
  • Bombyx Prod's technical expertise which helped improve our design.
  • The production capability to manufacture 1000 boxes in a short deadline.
  • The cooperative work making it possible to achieve the following result.

Production Manager.

Since almost all of our projects were submitted under confidentiality agreements, we thank Mr. VAN-BORREN for having accepted to write this testimonial.

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