Bombyx is a global leader in 3D printing for serial production.

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FDM 3D tool tailored to serial production

The machines designed by Bombyx Prod in 2017 are flexible and need fewer resources.


IIoT connected printheads

We use the industrial connected object technologies for our printheads. You can benefit from a powerful and high-performance machine by assembling the basic printing bricks at will.

A modular industrial 3D printer

No matter 1 or 2 rails, 1 to 10 printheads per rail, we accurately adapt the 3D printer scale for your project.

We provide high-quality FDM 3D prints
and project controls to meet your needs. Request a quote


Up to 20 printheads per printer

Industry 4.0

Obtaining the best competitiveness with Bombyx Prod machines
Connected, modular and high-efficiency 3D printer for serial production.

Bombyx Prod has designed and made its own multi-head 3D printers for serial production. Depending on the object sizes that we manufacture for you, we can produce up to 20 parts simultaneously on one single 3D printer.

Production optimization

3D printer scaling and configuration for your project needs.

Optimal quality of produced parts

Production machines completely controlled.

Cost and delay reduction

Time to market, resource efficiency, internal maintenance.

Bombyx Prod

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Tel: +33 (0)2 44 84 40 90

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Bombyx and silk capital

Bombyx Prod was created by a Lyonnais from Brittany and a Breton from Lyon. Lyon, the silk capital in the 19th century, where the Bombyx Mori silk was weaved with art.